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Location:Athens, Georgia, United States of America
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This is a community about all things canine, a gathering spot for those of us who have given our hearts to four legged friends.

While topics are not limited to these ideas, these are some of things we encourage:
• Open debates about dog training, food, behavior, etc. All debates must be done with respect of all parties involved. There will be no name calling, no personal attacks, and you are not allowed to take it to personal journals. This is like Vegas, what happens here, stays here.
• Asking for advice. Got a problem and need some help? Maybe someone can help you here, but be warned, you may not hear exactly what you want to hear.
• Pictures! We all love them! Please do not post more than one image outside of a cut, and the un-cut image should not be more than a maximum size of 500 x 500px. You may post as many pictures as you'd like UNDER a cut though! How to Use a Cut

• Some Rules and Suggestions:
• Do not delete posts or comments. First offense gets you warned, second offense gets you the boot.
• Huge posts go under a cut. If you can't comply with that we reserve the right to delete the post.
• If we find out someone has gone to a personal journal for harassment it's an instant ban. Just don't do it. No warnings.
• Be mature. It's really that simple.
• Listen to the mods. Arguing with a mod is a quick way to get kicked out.
• While tagging is not mandatory, it is heavily encouraged!
• Advertisements having nothing to do with dogs will be deleted without warning.
• If you find yourself with a problem contact a mod: Kazi: [personal profile] sundog or SabR: [personal profile] sabr

Interests (146):

affenpinscher, afghan hound, agility, airedale terrier, akita, alaskan malamute, american cocker spaniel, australian cattle dog, australian shepherd, australian terrier, b, basenji, basset hound, beagle, bearded collie, bedlington terrier, belgian sheepdog, bernese mountain dog, bichon frise, bikejoring, bloodhound, border collie, border terrier, borzoi, boston terrier, bouvier des flandres, boxer, brittany, brussels griffon, bull mastiff, bull terrier, bulldog, cairn terrier, cani cross, cardigan welsh corgi, carting, cavalier king charles spaniel, chesapeake bay retriever, chihuahua, chinese crested, chow chow, collie, competition obedience, conformation showing, dachshund, dalmatian, disc dog, doberman pinscher, dock jumping, dog fighting, dog hiking, dog scootering, dog surfing, dogs, earthdog trials, english cocker spaniel, english setter english, english toy spaniel, eurasian, field trials, flat-coated retriever, flyball, fox terrier, french bulldog, french ring, french ring sport, german shepherd, german shorthaired pointer, german wirehaired pointer, giant schnauzer, golden retriever, gordon setter, great dane, great pyrenees, greater swiss mountain, greyhound, greyhound racing, hare coursing, havanese, herding, hound trailing, hunting, irish setter, irish wolfhound, italian greyhound, jack russell terrier, japanese chin, keeshond, kerry blue terrier, labrador retriever, lhasa apso, lure coursing, maltese mastiff, miniature pinscher, miniature schnauzer, mushing, neopolitan mastiff, newfoundland, norfolk terrier norwich terrier, nose work, obedience training, old english sheepdog, pack hiking, papillion, pekingese, pembroke welsh corgi, pointer, pomeranian, poodle, pug, rally obedience, rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, saint bernard, saluki, samoyed, schipperke, schnauzer, schutzhund, scootering, scottish terrier, shar-pei, shetland sheepdog, shiba inu, shih tzu, siberian husky, silky terrier, skijoring, sled dog racing, soft coated wheaten terrier, spinoni italiani, springer spaniel, staffordshire bull terrier, terrier racing, tibetan spaniel, tibetan terrier, toy fox terrier, tracking, vizlas, weight pulling, weimaraner, welsh terrier, west highland white terrier, whippet, xoloitzcuintli, yorkshire terrier
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